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Hello and THANK YOU for considering becoming a Valhalla Rescue volunteer, or Valkyrie, as we call ourselves. We have many different opportunities from about opening your home to a rescue in need and fostering one of our dogs, transporting them to and from appointments or events, providing home checks and follow up visits, manning out booths, helping the Food Bank with it’s mission of feeding the companions of our homeless and even helping out at the ranch. We really appreciate your offer to help and couldn’t do what we do without people like you willing to step up and help.

 What it means to be a valkyrie

Each year tens of thousands of dogs die in shelters while waiting for permanent homes or after being abandoned in a myriad of ways and places.  Sadly many people still consider companion animals disposable and Valhalla Rescue provides an alternative to death row, a life languishing on a chain or even just left outdoors, ignored and in the elements.  We are dedicated to finding forever homes for pets and ensuring that they don’t ever end up unwanted again.

Valhalla Rescue was formed over 25 years ago by Patti and her family and other animal lovers whose careers brought them face to face with the tragic reality of companion animals.  Today, Valhalla Rescue includes ”the ranch” and a network of foster homes, medical experts and other volunteers experienced in animal behavior who help to ensure our rescues can find forever homes with families that match their needs.

We offer education in animal care, handling and basic training techniques with the goal of creating canine good citizens and ambassadors to the wonders of rescues.  We are establishing an animal disaster preparedness program to save lives in times of upheaval. We have resources for low cost spay/neutering, offer vaccinations for pets whose people are in need and soon will conduct low cost microchip clinics to ensure beloved pets can be located when lost.  Valhalla Rescue is also opening a sanctuary in Central Washington for animals that require long term foster or forever sanctuary.

We cannot and will not take any animal that poses a danger to people or has a history of killing other animals.  Most of our rescues are confused about what is happening in their lives and need people who know how to handle a dog that is going through a major life change.  Some will need basic training and many of them are already wonderful family pets that are just falling through the cracks.
A large number of our dogs have medical or genetic disabilities and may require additional time in rescue. We offer training on all our medical needs dogs to those willing to learn and capable of handling serious issues as they arise.  If you foster, we will always make sure that you are comfortable with your foster and at any time remove a foster that does not fit in your home as soon as possible.

If you think we’re a group that you would be proud to be a part of, we would love to find out more about you and what you hope to offer a pet in need. Below you will find our Volunteer Application for you to fill out to start the process. It can be easily completed via the form below and it will be emailed to all appropriate parties.  If you are having difficulties please contact us in order to assist you or send it in another format.

Remember, you DON’T have to be an expert, just a confident animal lover willing to make a difference one pet at a time.  In rescue you CAN be a hero and save a life every day with just a kind word and time to show you care.

Thank you again for your inquiry.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.


Patti Angeliz Mauldin
Director, Valhalla Canine Rescue


  • Parts A and C, must be completed by all.

    PART B if you would like to volunteer at our center or to handle dogs on a regular basis.

    Please Note: Most positions that involve handling dogs may require you to complete our training and first-aid programs.

    Please fill this form out completely. Incomplete applications will be returned and will delay your application. If a question does not apply, please write N/A.

  • Part A: Tell us a little about you…


Fill out this section ONLY if you wish to volunteer at the center.

    Part B: Volunteering AT Valhalla with our pawesome pups!

  • Volunteers at the center may be asked to do physical work and also must have the ability or desire to handle a variety of dog breeds. If you have any physical restrictions, please discuss that with the volunteer coordinator and trainers during the orientation session.
  • Part C: References and expectations

  • All the information I have given above is true and complete. Valhalla Rescue has my/our permission to contact individuals and/or businesses I have listed in the above responses. Should an unsprayed or neutered dog be placed with me, I agree to have it spayed or neutered within one (1) month of adoption or by a date agreed upon by me and Valhalla Rescue. This dog will reside in my home as a pet. It is solely my responsibility to provide adequate food, water, shelter, training, affection, safety and medical care. I understand that Valhalla Rescue is a rescue/referral service and is not responsible for the accuracy of information received about temperament, habits, or physical condition of the dogs available for adoption. I understand that is my responsibility to see and evaluate the dog for myself before agreeing to adopt it. I am in full agreement with these terms of adoption. Valhalla Rescue is in no way liable or responsible for any damage, accident or injury resulting from the placement of a dog into my household and I/we agree to indemnify and hold harmless Valhalla Rescue and its’ officers, members, and/or agents from any claims for damages arising from actions of a dog adopted by me/us. I/we also understand that my/our dog will be micro chipped prior to adoption and that Valhalla Rescue shall remain as “alternate contact” through the micro chipping service and if for ANY REASON, we are no longer able to provide a home to the dog adopted through Valhalla Rescue, we shall immediately notify them of the situation and with their approval either place the dog in an home approved by Valhalla Rescue or return the dog to the possession Valhalla Rescue.
  • **Printed name(s) on the lines above will be accepted as signatures for the purpose of this electronic application.


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