Rudy came to us from a shelter in ID. Rudy was badly abused by former owner, leaving him with many broken bones that healed without vet care, and incorrectly. Rudy also lost all of his lower teeth from the abuse as well. Xrays confirmed the multitude of abuse. He is only 5 months old and will now be deformed for the rest of his life from these injuries. Please help us with his continued care. We have a very long road ahead of us with this sweet boy, who only wants to be loved and still trust many humans, even after all the trauma and abuse he suffered at the hands of humans.

Please consider a donation to help provide him medical attention and justice. 

Rudy’s Xray findings

SKELETAL SURVEY December 26, 2014: 15 views are available for review.

FINDINGS: Detailed evaluation of the dental structures is somewhat limited. There is a fracture of one mandibular canine, and the rostral aspect of the mandible is poorly defined, with apparent mild remodeling. There is a vertical radiolucent line through the cortex of the rostral mandible. The nasal passages and frontal sinus region appears normal.

There is focal soft tissue swelling cranial to the left shoulder. Slight irregularity to the greater tubercle is normal incomplete ossification. There is no definitive fracture. The physis of the proximal humerus is bilaterally symmetric. Remaining physes are bilaterally symmetric. The elbows, carpi and digit are radiographically normal.

The stifles, tarsi and digits are normal. There is moderate periosteal remodeling of the left femur, particularly at its lateral aspect, and slight medial deviation of the distal femur. There is adequate coverage of the femoral head by the acetabulum bilaterally.

There are multiple healed rib fractures. The right fourth, fifth and sixth ribs and the left seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth ribs are affected. There is an extrapleural sign associated with the rib fractures on either side. Peritoneal serosal detail is consistent with the age of the patient. There are several tiny mineral fragments within the gastrointestinal tract, which may be incidental. There is an old fracture of the spinous process at L1, L3, L5, L6 and L7.

CONCLUSIONS: There are multiple healed rib fractures and chronic fractures of the spinous processes of the lumbar region as described. The periosteal remodeling of the left femur is also most likely associated with previous trauma. Chronic inflammation or subperiosteal hemorrhage cannot be excluded. Detailed evaluation of dental trauma is very limited. There is a probable chronic fracture of the rostral mandible. The mass cranial to the left shoulder also most likely represents chronic soft tissue trauma or inflammation, and it cannot be excluded but there has been prior shoulder luxation. The joint is currently congruent.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Additional valuation of the shoulder swelling could be obtained with ultrasound or MRI to assess for soft tissue trauma. Followup radiographs of the left femur could be obtained in 2-4 weeks to ensure that there is no progressive lesion
That could indicate an inflammatory process rather than prior trauma.