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South sound fences is helping one of our adoptees stay in her forever home and they need our help.

I don’t know if many of you remember Diamond. She was an amazing pitbull that was fostered by Anne but sadly she was in our rescue for a number of years due to her high prey drive. She had to be an only dog in an only home and believe it or not we wanted her to be around kids because she absolutely adored them. We found the most wonderful home for her a pitbull Savvy mom a wonderful family and a great neighborhood.

But sadly the fence at her home is has not holding up. Anne contacted South Sound fences and they have offered to help her family rebuild the fence so that diamond could stay in her wonderful forever home.

Anne and I are asking everyone to please consider donating just a dollar or two to South Sound fences. Not just for diamonds fence build but for everybody else that they help. This is a fantastic organization that does what they can to get dogs off chains and to keep dogs like Diamond in fantastic forever homes.

They’re always looking for volunteers to help on build days and of course the only way they can do what they do is with donations from the community. They are 501 c 3 and every dime use goes directly towards materials so that they can continue their work
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Happy Windy, Raining, YARD MEASURING Sunday!

Who’s ready to build a few fences? Sometimes in our line of serving, we have to wash each others hands. Both these pups came from rescue referrals!

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