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This dog was found in winlock WA. Today 3/27. We don’t know how long it’s been a stray or where it came from. But if you know anybody that is missing a male Saint Bernard please have them contact the rescue immediately.

UPDATE: Winlock authorities report that the dog was found outside the city limits, so they have no say in what happens to the dog or are involved in him being given to a third party…..Please, if you are missing a Saint Bernard or may know of someone who is or are sharing this post and find someone who is missing a dog that fits this description, please have them contact the LEWIS COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER and report that your dog is missing, that a dog was found in the county and given away to a third party and that you would like to verify that the dog found is not your missing dog.

That is the best that we can do at this time and we greatly apologize to those people that are missing Saint Bernards amd have contacted us. We cannot tell you where your dog is. I wish we could but the person who found the dog and rehomed has not shared any information with us nor do we see it being posted on any other lost and found page. I currently do not see it listed on the shelter page so we have no idea of the location of this dog or its current status. We can only hope that the rightful owners may be found and there is an honest and legit reason for his current condition. If there is an owner guilty of something, then hopefully the shelter will follow through on animal neglect charges amd ensure no other animals are in their care.. Right now we are hoping for the best and that this dog has an owner out there who is desperately been trying to find him. We will continue to network him and till we hear otherwise. So we would like to thank everyone for their strong work, and understanding of this situation.
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